Day 18

Took up another issue to work on on coala project. Have done 90% of the work it needed, now just waiting for the maintainer to reply to some questions to finalise it. Will probably submit a PR till tomorrow.

Also didn’t felt like doing anything at night so watched some videos from a a channel. I like these kinds of infographics videos.

Day 17

Today’s Summary :-

  • Worked on the GSSOC issue on B.E.N.J.I. project and was successful. Then PR got merged after some of my utterly silly mistakes.
  • Also the PR on the coala/corobo project also finally got merged. Took a lot of time in comparison to what a small changes should have taken.
  • Also attended the #dgplug training. Today’s session by mbuf was on time management(which is my weakest department) will be following some of the methods he gave.



Day 15

Today’s highlight was the meetup of Python that I attended. It is named PyJaipur Meetup. I had a great time there and met some amazing people. We learnt the basic data structures of Python Language.

The thing that I realised in this meetup was that I have been learning an writing Python for some time now. But still I learned a lot of things that were completely new to me and I know this is going to happen a lot with a language like Python.

So, I hope to attend more of such meetups to grow my knowledge of python as well as make some new friends.

Writing Documentation for Code

So, Yesterday (11 July 2018) we had a session on the topic RST(reStructuredText) on the #dgplug channel. A small tutorial for the basics of writing in RST was shared with us from where we all learned what RST is, it’s syntax and how the documentation for projects is written.

So, I decided to learn more about writing documentation and after searching the about the same on web I came to know about the various reasons as to why documentation is written.

It is written so that the people who are new to our software/code can easily understand how they can use it and they don’t get lost or confused. The documentation should be able to explain the project to the users/ contributors.

So what is RST?

The reStructuredText (RST) syntax provides an what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup syntax and parser system. So basically we type our code in plain text using a pre-defined syntax and then it is converted to HTML format for publishing. A basic tutorial of the same can be found here.

The RST was created by Python community and hence is a part of Docutils.

Alternative for RST :-

Markdown is another option which we can use in place of RST. Markdown is easier to use. It is written in Perl language. You can learn more about it on this link.

The main difference between Markdown and reStructuredText is that the former is intended for one purpose to be used as a format for writing for the web whereas the latter is used for writing technical documentation.

So, you can choose whatever you like and are comfortable with to write documentation. It all depends on what features you would want.